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Wedding Invitation Collection Study: Ithaca Semi-Custom Stationery Designed 3 Ways

Featured image by Christine Gosch

What is the Collection Study series?

Intended to inspire and explore the versatility of our Wedding Invitation Collections, the Collection Study series was created to showcase ways in which your Collection paper goods can be personalized; whether it’s the addition of a well-placed illustration, mixing in a font from a different collection, or an interesting layout change.

What is a semi-custom wedding invitation Collection?

Our most popular wedding stationery service; our Collections are a “starting point” volume of design suites that can be customized for every stage of your wedding – from save-the-dates to menus, programs, and place cards. They were designed to be effortlessly transformed – whether you’re hosting a relaxed affair or an upscale soirée.

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With 52+ paper/envelope colors, countless ink colors and embellishments, and no limit to the amount of changes you can make to your wording or color palette, there is no shortage of ways in which you can personalize your base design suite.

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But while they were designed to be personalized “as-is,” we recognized the need for extra modifications – and to stifle the creativity of our clients who want to “tweak” them a little more would be a disservice to both of us! That’s why we allow one bonus round of revisions to the layout, font change, or the addition of a custom designed illustration.

The versatility of our Collections is what sets us apart, and we love exploring new ways to customize them for (and with) our clients!

Below is more information on the Ithaca Semi-Custom Wedding Stationery Collection, and three different tweaks you can make to the design!

The Original Ithaca Collection

The Ithaca Collection was inspired by the title pages of scholarly, Ivy-league tomes. Heritage classic, yet modern and chic, this semi-custom wedding invitation suite is a timeless option for your wedding paper goods. This is our most popular wedding invitation suite because of its clean, elegant aesthetic.

Design 1: The Ithaca wedding invitation mixed with fonts from the Palermo Collection

The original version of the Ithaca invitation features a delicate serif font set in all capital letters. While the centered layout of the Ithaca is what lends it a more “traditional” look, many of our clients have fallen in love with the font from the Palermo Collection, below.

Mixing the fonts from these Collections, but keeping the centered layout, is a popular twist on these two Collections.

Design 2: The Ithaca wedding invitation with a venue sketch

Commissioning your designer to create a sketch of your venue is a beautiful way of introducing your guests to what’s to come on your wedding day. We know the significance that choosing a wedding venue has for our clients, which is why our Collection design service includes one complementary sketch of your venue, no matter the Collection design you choose.

Below is an example of what the Ithaca wedding invitation looks like with a venue sketch at the top.

Design 3: The Ithaca wedding invitation in a landscape orientation

A simple change, that makes a big impact; changing the orientation of the Ithaca wedding invitation from portrait to landscape is a subtle, but interesting shift.

Collaborate with us on your own Wedding Invitations

From design conception to logistics to the final product, we work with you throughout the entire process, ensuring that guests leave your wedding with something to look back on. Our goal, on a personal and professional level, is to make you and your guests feel valued and celebrated.

If you’re feeling inspired to design your own wedding invitations with us, we would love to hear from you!

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